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December Monthly Meeting & Holiday Card Making!

December 11, 2019.  5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

At Pilgrim – St. Luke’s United Church of Christ: 335 Richmond Ave, (at the corner of West Utica St, Buffalo, NY 14222)

Please join us for our monthly meeting where we will be making holiday cards to share with all of our friends who we visit at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility.

Children are welcome!

We will have art and mailing supplies but feel free to bring your own – no bulky stickers or art materials allowed.

We hope to see you!


Make a Donation


Court Support and Batavia Visitation


Make a Donation

We rely on people like you to help support our work. Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to support families in need by providing supplies, food, transportation, and translation and legal services.


We welcome volunteers of all abilities and statuses. We need people with legal and accounting knowledge, non-English language proficiency, graphic designers, people who want to help remotely, and people with access to vehicles.

Some examples of how you can help:

  • Come to court dates to show community support
  • Translate in person and in meetings- Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic are needed
  • Conduct research on local and national level issues
  • Provide rides for volunteers or families
  • Outreach to allied groups in the WNY community
  • Help with digital outreach and campaigns
  • Design posters, flyers, memes
  • Help with events to raise awareness of migrant issues in WNY

Contact us at to find out how you can help.

Court Support and Batavia Visitation

We organize accompaniment and support for undocumented people facing court or deportation, and connect them to legal, financial and community resources for families who are under threat of deportation.

We provide support in two main ways:

1. Court support: accompanying our friends to court hearings and ICE check ins is a critical part of our work. You will be led by an experienced leader and provided resources.

  • Community support can impact how a person will be received in the court system.
  • This is a scary day for our friends. Seeing a smile and being treated as a person makes all the difference for their experience.
  • Witnessing proceedings continues to inspire us to keep pushing for immigration reform.

2. Visitation: We visit people who are detained at Batavia Federal Detention Facility. We can provide emotional support and we can try to connect detainees and families with legal information and religious support. We do not offer legal advice. If your friend or family member is detained at BFDF and would like to receive visits from someone who can listen to and sympathize with their frustrations, and try to connect them with information they may need, please fill out this form.

A training session is highly recommended before volunteers begin accompaniment or visitation. Please contact us at to inquire about training.

Become a Pen Pal

The people inside the detention center often request pen pals. They are isolated from their families and communities and it costs a lot of money to make phone calls so writing letters and having someone to connect to on the outside can be very important to them. If you would like to become a pen pal, please fill out this form.