Our Work

We work to provide dignity and respect for the undocumented community in Western New York. We do so in three strategic areas:

Court Support and Batavia Visitation

We organize accompaniment, support and connections to legal, financial and community resources for families who are under threat of deportation. We do not provide legal advice, however, we can help connect people with the appropriate resources.

Accompaniment is one of our greatest needs. Please visit our Volunteer page to learn more about how you can help.

If you are a friend or family member of someone detained at BFDF who would like to be visited, please fill out this form.

Direct Support

We organize together with undocumented workers and their families affected by immigration to raise emergence funds for basic needs.

We support individual affected workers and families to their immediate and long-term needs as they navigate the immigration system.


We organize for systemic change towards dignity and respect for undocumented families.

Through Green Light WNY, we advocated for NYS Assembly Bill 4050, which creates a path to safe, legal driving for all residents of New York State, regardless of legal status.

Green Light FAQ

Green Light FAQ – English
Green Light FAQ – French
Green Light FAQ – Korean
Green Light FAQ – Mandarin
Green Light FAQ – Spanish

DMV Forms and Documents

Driver Manual – MV21 – Spanish
Document Guide – ID44 – English
Document Guide – ID44 – Spanish
Permit Application – MV44 – English
Permit Application – MV44 – Spanish

Social Security Affidavit

NSS1 – Bengali
NSS1- Chinese
NSS1- English
NSS1- French Creole
NSS1- Haitian Creole
NSS1- Korean
NSS1- Napali
NSS1- Russian
NSS1- Spanish

LGBTQ Solidarity

LGBTQ immigrants are vulnerable to the worst consequences of the immigrations system. They often have more to lose if they are deported and experience higher levels of discrimination and threat, both in daily life and in dealing with immigration officials.

To help with our UndocuQueer team, please contact justiceformigrantfamilies@gmail.com